Maximize Your Day

From LinkedIn Article to TEDx Speaker: Sharissa Sebastian's Journey

May 11, 2023 Jessica Season 3 Episode 18
Maximize Your Day
From LinkedIn Article to TEDx Speaker: Sharissa Sebastian's Journey
Show Notes

In this episode, we hear from Sharissa Sebastian, CEO of Leadership Mastery Alliance, on how writing a LinkedIn article led her to a TEDx speaking opportunity.

Sharissa shares her journey from writing an article on LinkedIn to being invited to speak at a TEDx event. She explains that she had always wanted to be a TEDx speaker but never knew how to get started. One day, she decided to write an article on LinkedIn about a topic she was passionate about - leadership and executive coaching. To her surprise, the article gained a lot of traction and caught the attention of a TEDx organizer who invited her to speak at their event.

Sharissa talks about the preparation process for her TEDx talk, which involved a lot of practice and refining of her ideas. She also shares some tips for anyone who is interested in becoming a TEDx speaker, such as being authentic and sharing personal stories.

Throughout the episode, Sharissa emphasizes the importance of taking risks and putting yourself out there. She encourages listeners to pursue their passions and not be afraid of failure or rejection. Sharissa's story is a reminder that sometimes, all it takes is one article or one moment of bravery to open up new opportunities and possibilities.

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