Maximize Your Day

The Untapped Power of Your Inner Critic with Shayna Bergman

April 20, 2023 Jessica Season 3 Episode 17
Maximize Your Day
The Untapped Power of Your Inner Critic with Shayna Bergman
Show Notes

Join me as we discuss with Shayna how to untap the power of our inner critic in order to protect ourselves. Shayna is a passionate, results-oriented coach who empowers motivated individuals to unlock their potential. She has a proven track record of helping people to achieve deeper meaning and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives through authentic leadership and clarity of purpose. With a focus on parents in executive and leadership positions, Shayna challenges her clients to look deeply at themselves by reflecting on their values, dreams, limiting beliefs and inner critics. She then helps them create an action plan that inspires breakthroughs and leads to sustainable change. Known for her perceptiveness, insights and ability to speak the truth to leaders at all levels, Shayna’s most successful clients are those who are dedicated to evolving their best selves and fostering that growth in others.

Facebook/Instagram: @ShaynaBergmanCoaching

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