Maximize Your Day

Insights on Growth Mindset, Routines, Habits, and Productivity with Saritha Rai

April 13, 2023 Jessica Season 3 Episode 16
Maximize Your Day
Insights on Growth Mindset, Routines, Habits, and Productivity with Saritha Rai
Show Notes

In this episode of the podcast, we explore the strategies and insights for unlocking your full potential, with a focus on growth mindset, routines, habits, and productivity. Our guest speaker, Saritha Rai, is in the IT industry as a full time as Scrum Master/Project Manager. She is homeschooling her 5-year-old. She is south Asian immigrant living her American dream. 

She shares tips and techniques on how to develop positive/growth mindset and to be productive on every day basis. Her goal is to make life of women easy by employing easy to follow routines, plans and habit. 

We'll explore the importance of routines and habits, sharing practical tips for establishing healthy habits that support our goals and help us stay on track. Saritha also shares her insights on journaling, productivity, discussing how we can optimize our time and energy to achieve our goals more efficiently. From setting priorities and managing distractions to incorporating mindfulness practices into our daily routines, we cover a range of strategies for boosting productivity and achieving success.

Whether you're looking to achieve personal or professional goals, this episode provides valuable insights and practical tips for unlocking your full potential and living your best life. So, join us as we explore the power of growth mindset, routines, habits, and productivity with Saritha Rai.

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