Maximize Your Day

An Interview with Sandra Ocasio - Digital Launch Coach

July 28, 2022 Jessica Season 2 Episode 14
Maximize Your Day
An Interview with Sandra Ocasio - Digital Launch Coach
Show Notes

Join me as we have a chat with Sandra Ocasio - Digital Launch Coach as she shares how she built her Online Coaching Business after experiencing her first military move in early 2016. Sandra departed her position at Caesars Entertainment to follow her husband on military orders to Hurlburt Field, FL. 

Sandra started her entrepreneur journey by offering Virtual Assistant Support to Female Entrepreneurs Coaches. One year into business, she discovered her passion for sales funnels, systems, and automation. She revamped her focus & services and supports hundreds of Online Coaches with 5 & 6 Figure Digital Launches. 

Sandra coaches in multiple 7-Figure Coaching Programs and private communities supporting hundreds of women get clear on their messaging and launch strategies that will allow them to increase their impact and income while they engage, excite, and enroll their audience.

You can find Sandra here and on social channels. Thank you for listening in! 

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